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Realise your full potential

Together we rock the STEM world and make it more colourful by lifting female careers with the power of community.

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Together we shape a new face of leadership. Under the slogan “Inspire, Expose, Empower and Promote”, we come together and design spaces for knowledge transfer, personal growth and strategic networking.

What is net4tec?

We are the leading network for women in the STEM environment. Our multicultural background allows us to think globally and act locally, especially in the DACH region. Our members are ambitious women like you and me, diverse in age, background, profession and career.

Inspire, Expose, Empower and Promote 

This is how we create your success. Today. We come together and design spaces for knowledge transfer, personal growth and strategic networking. 

net4tec is your stage

We create visibility with innovative exchange formats and thus change the image of the STEM sector.  

Shape a new face of leadership 

Together, we bear the responsibility for a new understanding of leadership in business and society.

Everything we do with the goal of empowering each other and making ourselves visible at all career stages.

The net4tec-ecosystem

Our strength is our network of STEM talent and collaboration with a diverse ecosystem, driven by Why Consult-_ Power of Diversity. Our members benefit from: Diversity Recruiting, 1:1 Career Coaching, Innovation and Diversity events such as Think Tanks, Hackathon, Open Space and BUSINESS CREATHON programme as well as fast track access to the value proposition of our cooperation partners.

Because options make careers

What does net4tec offer me?

net4tec helps women in STEM to overcome challenges and break through barriers.

1. Knowledge Transfer

Join training sessions with global experts, career peers & senior executives. Find what works and strategically advance your career.

2. Personal Growth

Learn how to break through and overcome personal challenges with our personal growth training sessions.

3. Strategic Networking

Connect to other like-minded women (& men) in STEM and strategically advance your career.

Why should I join net4tec?


  1. Often you are the only woman at the table and want to join like-minded women to inspire each other and break down barriers together.
  2. Beyond gender diversity you aim to make the career you deserve because of your ambition and your competences
  3. You are aware of the impact of your own visibility and want to grow in your expert position
  4. You believe in the power of the community and bare the responsibility to rise by lifting each other
  5. You want to become the new face of leadership in the technology world

30 days-free trial

net4tec makes YOU visible and sets the foundation for a new culture of leaders. Shaping the new face of leadership in the STEM world

How can I strengthen my career with net4tec?

Under the motto Inspire, Expose, Empower and Promote we come together and design spaces for Knowledge Transfer, Personal Growth and Strategic Networking. Always with the goal to empower each other and make ourselves visible at all career stages.

Realise your full potential with the power of the net4tec community 

Enjoy the premium membership 30 days-free trial

Where can I be part of net4tec today?

Your net4tec journey goes on with our online and offline events, expert sessions and training as well as blog articles and podcasts with expert content and a library full of video sessions on career, growth and STEM trend topics. 

You decide if you want to learn and be inspired on demand or if you want to meet us live, in person or virtually.

We also make our community visible by sharing your story and provide maximum reach for our role models.

Our Partners

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More women at all management levels means more innovative strength and competitiveness!

Connect with the best STEM talents, promote your female high potentials up to C-level and become an attractive employer for the net4tec ecosystem.

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