The net4tec mission


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Together we shape a new face of leadership. Under the slogan “Inspire, Expose, Empower and Promote”, we come together and design spaces for knowledge transfer, personal growth and strategic networking.

5 reasons to join the net4tec network

  1. net4tec is a curative career network for ambitious women in STEM
  2. net4tec promotes the recruitment of female talents and their further development up to C-level and across different life stages
  3. net4tec drives the 360° inclusive approach through the cooperation of women, men, and companies “pulling together”
  4. net4tec provides tools and support women, men and companies to create a common understanding of leadership and to generate equal career chances
  5. net4tec relies on a collaborative platform – together with other networks, institutions and partner companies

Our values - your advantages

Diversity matters

We believe that diversity not only makes life more colourful, but also makes everyone more successful. We promote women’s careers in STEM. Since technology is shaping our future.

Unhiding hidden champions

There are many ambitious women who deserve more visibility. We bring real women together, show authentic role models, including men who actively support women’s careers, and involve the hidden champions of the industry.

Together we are strong

Diversity is not only a woman’s matter, but everyone should pull together – women, men and companies – we pursue a holistic approach.

One platform, many possibilities

An offer should be as individual and versatile as you are. You will not only find many attractive partners, events & formats, but you also expand your network with other women’s networks and the net4tec ecosystem – so you don’t miss a chance and always find the right offer for you, no matter what phase of life.

The net4tec value proposition

This is how we create your success. Today.


Get inspired and grow as an individual and as an expert with knowledge transfer within the community, network online and discuss current STEM trends. Learn on demand: recordings of our 60' Grow to Lead sessions are available in the library for premium members at any time.
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net4tec entre nous: Tailor-made program with a holistic approach & individual support to expand the skills & capabilities required for your growth as a true female leader. Exclusive net4tec concept, designed by women for women. Choose 3 different topics, learn 8 weeks with 5 learning components.
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net4tec Role Models: Visibility for ambitious women in STEM who want to move forward in their career. Men who support women’s careers and companies who want to attract women and develop diverse teams over the long term. With Share your Story you get instant visibility and strengthen your expert authority.
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Make change happen and connect with your peers! net4tec promotes its premium members beyond the net4tec network. Get together in our quarterly Pioneer Talks, exchange eye-level with STEM leaders and experts, and get speaker opportunities in our events and among the net4tec ecosystem.
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Together we rock the STEM world and make it more colourful by lifting female careers with the power of community

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