net4tec answers your most important questions

net4tec answers your most important questions

net4tec answers your most important questions


Who is net4tec?

We at net4tec are an effective, engaged and relevant network of an international feMale community from the STEM world. 

We founded net4tec in 2018 and have grown to an international community of over 1,500 women and men with chapters in different cities in Germany as well as in Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

With the power of the community we have held over 200 events, presented more than 120 role models in our network (women/men) and rocked the international stage with more than 100 net4tec keynote speakers.

We from net4tec are represented on relevant stages such as herCareer, Hannover Messe, Web Summit, Future of AI and in corporates like BMW, Google, Airbus, Bosch, Microsoft, Accenture and many others.

net4tec Membership

We are the leading network for women in the STEM environment. Our members are ambitious women like you and me, diverse in age, background, profession and career. Our multicultural background allows us to think globally and act locally, especially in the DACH region. 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. Our members are women with ambition to succeed in this environment and/or women having a STEM background. No matter what your job is in the technology world, no matter how senior you are, every woman is invited to join net4tec and to develop her Career with the power of our community.

There are two different membership options. You decide:

  1. For the beginner: you can become a basic member, the explorer, get an overview and start taking action. This membership is free of charge.
  2. For those who want tangible results: we offer the premium membership, the pioneer. In this case, you will enjoy all the benefits of membership for an annual fee of 250 Euro (for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs) and 125 Euro (for students, mothers on parental leave, job seekers)

Want to know more about both options? Go to the net4tec membership options here (link to net4tec prices).

60’ Grow to Lead Sessions

The  60 minutes – Grow to Lead sessions are the space for knowledge transfer within the community, for online networking, as well as for discussing current trends to grow both personally and professionally.

Our commitment to delivering top-tier content is unwavering. Each session features a distinguished expert who not only presents but actively engages in discussions on pertinent topics for your career. These live sessions provide you with a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from the best minds in the industry.

Women and men are welcome!

This Session is the net4tec date for you and your career!

Our 60′ sessions take place live and virtually every month, usually on the last Thursday from 17:30-18:30 CET.

One hour in which we discuss a relevant topic for our personal growth and career in focus together with a net4tec expert and many other participants.

The sessions are very interactive. We start with an impulse lecture with many best practices and pragmatic tips on how we can further implement the topic in our professional life.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on exchange with the participants and mutual support in sharing one’s own experiences and questions.

  • You got to know a new perspective on the topic, learned new important contents and got a few tips on how I can further advance the topic.
  • You also go back to the office with a lot of inspiration and have met new exciting people again and found some connecting points on how we can support each other.

This is a very special session in your agenda to share with the community, network online and discuss current trends that we are all facing at the moment and really push you forward.

net4tec Premium Members get free access to the 60 minutes Grow to Lead Sessions.

net4tec Starter Members contribute with 25€ to their participation, including the access for three months to the recording of the session.

Learn on demand, anytime, anywhere. Premium Members get the reserved access to the net4tec library and the complete recordings of all our sessions.

The live, virtual sessions are free for all net4tec members.

Learn on demand, anytime, anywhere. Premium Members get the reserved access to the net4tec library and the complete recordings of all our sessions.

Entre Nous Trainings

Our net4tec virtual entre nous, is a holistic learning program to expand the skills & capabilities required for your growth as a true female leader. 

8 weeks, 5 Learning Levels, and focus on relevant career topics. These training programs are created and exclusively executed by women for women.

Learn more about the entre nous, the different modules and the experts here.

Member’s Engagement

Your network is what you make out of it and, as such, we encourage you to bring forward any ideas, suggestions and take an active part in the net4tec community’s development.

The community is a safe space for authenticity, the joy of experimentation and shared learning. We meet on a regular basis for our 60’ sessions, networking lunches, and premium members talks as well as in our net4tec online and offline events.

net4tec members are committed to the community with passion and conviction. We all step into different roles depending on our needs and interests, thus enriching the network. We grow on our own strength and self-organize ourselves in a lively network of topic-based teams.

Everything we do is presented in our monthly newsletter. Here you stay up to date and can register for all happenings of net4tec, online and offline.

Exclusively for our Premium Members we have a closed whatsapp group where we support each other and exchange in a very interactive way about any topic that matters for our professional and personal growth. Here we also offer the speakers opportunities, inform about the output of the different working groups and discuss topics concerning the community’s development.

Do you have any specific questions or feedback to net4tec? We love learning from you, send us an email to women@net4tec.com

Share your story

Only those who are visible are taking their place.

In this section you have the chance to introduce yourself to the net4tec community and become visible on our website and social media channels.

With “share your story” you not only get instant visibility for the net4tec community, you also strengthen your expert authority, and thus change the image of the STEM world. 

How do you share your story? Very easy, just follow this link and fulfil a short questionnaire

Then you will be visible on our website and presented in our Newsletter. 

Premium Members also get Social Media coverage as well as the opportunity to contribute to the New Face of Leadership Campaign with their own video interview and understanding of leadership.

net4tec Role Models

net4tec promotes the visibility of women who want to move forward; Men who support women’s careers as well as companies who want to attract women. Role Models are our face to the outside world. They exemplify our new understanding of leadership.

Only net4tec Premium Members have the opportunity to become a Role Model and gain instant visibility as an Expert in the STEM world.

We support you to get a maximum reach as a net4tec Role Model. You are permanently visible on our website and presented in our Social Media channels as well as in the newsletter. 

Role Models are asked to participate as net4tec experts in our events or partner formats. They engage in the community, share their own to open new doors for growth.

Role Models are invited to participate as net4tec experts in our events or partner formats, to shape their own career stories sessions and share their experience and career advice. They engage in the community and act as an inspiration for woMen to succeed in the STEM world.

The active engagement of male role models enriches our network and inspires their entourage. We only generate change together. 

Do you want to become a role model? Let us know about you and your motivation on women@net4tec.com

Become a Partner

Our mission is to rock the STEM world and make it more colourful by lifting female careers with the power of the community. 

How do we achieve this? We focus on attracting more women to technology and helping them reach leadership positions by providing tools and support from women, men and companies.

Whether you’re looking to reach highly-qualified, highly-motivated women who are excelling in their careers, increase the number of women working at your company, or provide value for your employees, net4tec might be able to help.

net4tec together with our affiliated organisation Why Consult and its international ecosystem supports companies, institutions and organisations to lift their employer branding to the next level of success, to improve their diversity recruitment and to leverage female careers in their organisation.