Networking is the new recruiting

helping heads & hands wanted!

At the beginning of net4tec there was our vision and our personal commitment. That alone is no longer enough, because the idea is taking shape and net4tec is growing every day. That’s why we are urgently looking for “helping heads and hands” who represent our mission with idealism and how we feel about an exciting and important topic.

because we believe that...

sales & management – clients, partners + members

Proactivity is your strength, you like to organize and plan, you are strategically and conceptually good, but you can also implement it very pragmatically, you would like to develop processes and organization with us, in short: you want to go on the customer journey with us (B2B, B2C) .

content manager, social media & communications

Is writing lyrics your thing? We are looking for creative and extroverted talents who will virtually “bring our net4tec activities and events to the people”. Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter & Instagram are the favorite channels.

web development & design, IT infrastructure

WordPress is your creative living room? Do you like to create the latest newsletters with Mailchimp? We also work with other tools such as CRM & Planning tools. Concepts and further developments are to be planned and implemented here. Do you enjoy it? Then you’ve come to the right place.

bachelor or master thesis with net4tec

There are many subject areas, e.g. strategy, business development, marketing & communication, online marketing, social media, event management, sales: B2B and B2C, key account management, new customer acquisition, finance: medium-term business plan, HR: careers, leadership, mentoring, recruitment , coaching, organizational development: structure, processes, team, legal form.