60′ GROW TO LEAD Session with Andrea Griesinger & the net4tec community

Thu, 14 July 2022 17:30 – 18:30 CEST


Dear net4tec community,

Exploring new opportunities to keep growing within our community we invite you to join us to our new „60 minutes – GROW TO LEAD “ series.

These sessions are the space for knowledge transfer within the community, for online networking, as well as for discussing current trends to grow both personally and professionally.

Women and men are welcome!

Knowledge transfer at its best with Andrea Griesinger

Exploring Agile Coaching – learn more about an exciting role in transforming organizations


Everyone is talking about digital transformation and “agile working” is no longer a completely new form of collaboration for many organizations. The organizations that are serious about establishing new ways of working with an agile mindset often introduce the internal role of the “Agile Coach”. This role is associated with many expectations and misunderstandings, but it also holds many promising facets.

Key Learnings

In this session you will get a first overview of the facets and challenges of agile transformation and what the role of the agile coach can do in this context.

We want to introduce you to net4tec’s learning offering on this topic and whet your appetite to embark on this learning journey together with us.

Take Aways

First insight into the role of the Agile Coach.

Starting points to see if this role could be appealing to you or your organization

Overview of net4tec´’s entre nous learning program on “exploring agile coaching”

About the Speaker

Homepage: https://upgrade-partner.de/en/andrea-griesinger/

Andrea draws on her work experience from both the “old economy” and “new economy” and brings to the discussion her consulting expertise on agile transformation from a wide variety of client environments.

60′ GROW TO LEAD SESSIONS with net4tec

This Session is the net4tec jour fixe for you and your career!

Our 60′ Sessions take place every second Thursday from 17:30-18:30 CET.

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In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on exchange with the participants and mutual support in sharing one’s own experiences and questions.

After the 60′

? You got to know a new perspective on the topic, learned new important contents and got a few tips on how I can further advance the topic.

You also go back to the office with a lot of inspiration and have met new exciting people again and found some connecting points on how we can support each other.

This is a very special session in your agenda to share with the community, network online and discuss current trends that we are all facing at the moment and really push me forward.


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Exploring Agile Coaching: an exciting role in transforming organizations image

Begonia Merayo, net4tec Founder & Managing Director

Exploring Agile Coaching: an exciting role in transforming organizations image

Julia Baumanns, net4tec Business Partner

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