net4tec @ Panda Tech & Software presented by Bosch

net4tec @ Panda Tech & Software
presented by Bosch
20.-21. November 2020 – Online Event

PANDA Tech & Software presented by Bosch on 20th/21st of November 2020 – Online Event!

net4tec is committed to promoting women’s careers in technology + digital business and to sustainably expanding diverse teams. We cooperate with PANDA with a common goal of bringing you forward as a woman and supporting you to expand your personal and professional networks.

PANDA Tech & Software is an online network event and leadership contest for women who are already experienced executives or strive for a leadership role. There will be 70 women from the digital, tech & software industry present. PANDA aims at women who are fond of challenges, grow with them and want to support each other. The PANDA Day offers women the opportunity to test their leadership skills in different team situations. The benefit is diverse: networking, exchange of experiences, valuable peer feedback as well as access to the PANDA network. The chance to be elected and awarded as well as direct contact to companies and jobs.

What awaits the participants?

A competition among like-minded people – constructive, challenging, with a lot of humour and new impulses for everyday job life. Participants work in teams on challenging and original tasks and choose a winner from among their peers during the course of the day. Exchange, networking and mutual feedback are the main topics.

When and where?

  • Friday, November 20th, from 5.20 pm until 8pm
  • Saturday, November 21st, from 9.50 am until 4.30 pm
  • online

Who can apply?

PANDA Tech & Software is aimed at women from the tech and IT industry who already hold a leadership role or are interested in leadership or are technical experts.

If you have a technical background or have grown into the tech environment, if AI, IoT, Hybrid-Cloud, Enterprise IT and embedded SW are not hieroglyphics for you, if you are driving technical innovations, burning for them and looking for exchange with other tech women, then PANDA Tech & Software is just the right thing for you!

No matter what makes you a “Tech & Software woman” – If you have at least 2 years (open to the top) work experience, you can apply!

Apply now!

Be a part of it! use the code “net4tec” to skip the first application round as net4tec member.

Application Deadline: October 11th 2020

You find first impression from last year’s event in this Video.
You can find more information about PANDA Tech & Software here.

Application phase completed.

net4tec, The FeMale Career Network for inclusive Diversity in Technology & Digital Business.

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net4tec@PANDA Automotive & IT presented by Volkswagen

net4tec @ PANDA Automotive & IT
presented by Volkswagen
13.-14. November 2020 – Online Event

net4tec setzt sich dafür ein, Frauen-Karrieren in Technik + Digital Business zu fördern und vielseitige Teams nachhaltig auszubauen. Wir vernetzen weibliche Talente mit Unternehmen und unterstützen Karrieren über verschiedene Lebensphasen. Wir kooperieren mit PANDA mit einem gemeinsamen Ziel, Dich als Frau nach vorne zu bringen und dabei zu helfen, deine persönlichen und beruflichen Netzwerke auszubauen.

Was erwartet die Teilnehmerinnen?

Ein Wettbewerb unter Gleichgesinnten – konstruktiv, anspruchsvoll, mit viel Humor und neuen Impulsen für den Joballtag. In Teams arbeiten die Teilnehmerinnen an herausfordernden und originellen Aufgaben und wählen im Tagesverlauf eine Gewinnerin aus ihrer Mitte. Austausch, Networking und gegenseitiges Feedback sind dabei die Hauptsache.

Wer kann sich bewerben?

PANDA Automotive & IT richtet sich an Frauen aus der Automotive-Branche, die mindestens zwei Jahre Praxiserfahrung, vorzugsweise in den Bereichen IT, Rechtswesen, Batterieentwicklung und Fahrzeugtechnik, mitbringen und zudem erste Führungs- und/oder Projektleitungserfahrung gesammelt haben oder sammeln wollen.

Wenn auch Du einen IT- bzw. technischen Hintergrund hast, wenn AI, Simulink, Hybrid-Cloud oder Enterprise IT für Dich keine Hieroglyphen sind, Du eine Hands-on-Mentalität lebst, technische Innovationen vorantreibst und den Austausch mit anderen Expert*innen aus deinem Bereich suchst, dann ist PANDA Automotive & IT genau das Richtige für Dich!

Als net4tec-Mitglied hast Du sogar einen Startvorteil: Du kannst einen Bewerbungsschritt (das Empfehlungsschreiben) überspringen. Wie? Einfach nur beim CV-Upload im Bewerbungsformular bei „recommended by“ net4tec eingeben und fertig. Weitere Infos findest Du auch auf der EventseiteDiese Info darf gern geteilt werden!

Jetzt bewerben

Bewerbungsschluss: 11.10.2020

Hier ist ein Eindruck von unserem Event aus 2019.
Hier findest Du die Eventseite für PANDA Automotive & IT presented by Volkswagen.

net4tec ist Deine Bühne, für ambitionierte Frauen in Technologie und Digital Business!

Alle 10 Finalistinnen des Panda Leadership Contest sind eingeladen Role Model bei net4tec zu werden und damit volle Sichtbarkeit bekommen, die für die Karriere schlüssig ist.

net4tec, The FeMale Career Network for inclusive Diversity in Technology & Digital Business.

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net4tec @ Virtual Morning Sessions

Summary net4tec @ Virtual Morning Session
#6 Exceutive Presence in a virtual world
30.04.2020 – Online

 #Executive Presence – what is it and how important is it in a virtual environment? It is about the ability to show up strong with your team, leading by example and inspire #confidence in your team. Some people say you have to be born with it, but many leadership coaches say it is possible to learn the representing behaviors and improve your executive presence with a little practice.

Deidra McGinn who has worked in the technology industry for 25 years and recently founded her own company StepInStepUp where she focusses on lifting others and helping with executive presence, advanced coaching & style coaching, created lots of energy during this session and #inspired the participants with an enjoying interactive presentation. By sharing the executive presences framework everyone was able understand, what executive presence is, and which benefits it can bring. #Coaching

What is Executive Presence

Simply put, executive presence means inspiring confidence, create a higher level of engagement and loyalty from your clients, team members or just the situation you are in. It is especially about how people experience you.

  • How you act
  • What people see
  • What people hear
  • How you make them feel

Benefits of a virtual executive presence

These difficult #Covid-19 times have disrupted how we work and how we show up every day. We spend lots of time in front of a screen. While this can be very energy draining, it is important to show up well and practice executive presence to take advantage of it like:


  • Inspire confidence in teams or clients you work with
  • Maintain #trust, by showing a little vulnerability and sharing how you feel
  • Get taken seriously, by acting like you would act in an office
  • Build stronger connection
  • Increase your ability to influence others


Executive presence framework

The framework consists of four elements which refer to skills you can build while practicing them every day. If you would like to improve your executive presence look for feedback from trusted sources. For instance, ask within your team or people you constantly work with on how your behavior and image is perceived.

Four elements:

  • #Act is about your behavior – 66% of your executive presence is gravitas, improve your gravitas  
  • #See is about optimizing your professional image – impressions matter, you are visible from the head to the top of your shoulders, wear clothes like you go to the office, watch your colors, watch your posture, smile
  • #Hear is about how you communicate in the virtual world – it is about how you say it, power of breath, voice, storytelling
  • #Feel is about what is happening and how you make people feel, show strong empathy, people do not remember what you said but how you made them feel



Key take away

  • Virtual executive presence is important but can be developed
  • Create the best impression of yourself
  • Bring color into your world
  • Practice Act, See, Hear and Feel every day
  • People do not remember what you said, they remember, how you make them feel


Christine Koch
net4tec Munich Support

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net4tec @ Virtual Morning Sessions

Summary net4tec @ Virtual Morning Session
#5 Change Coaching
23.04.2020 – Online


Heraclitus said:” The only constant in life is change”. For many people this is even truer today than 3 months ago. Everyone walks on their own path through a phase of change. #Change  

In order to allow for transformation, change must be accepted, which usually happens after a phase of shock and fear. For a successful change to happen, people must change – Put them first!


  • Understand their individual topics, needs, expectations, challenges, threats and/or fears to define and install successful actions.

In our morning session Dr. Carolina Kleebaur, Founder and Leadership Coach at CKC Impact Coaching with more than 15 years’ experience in project execution and change management for organizational transformation programs gave us an insight on #ChangeCoaching and explained how to support employees and team members during transformational phases. Participants had a chance to immerse into the world of personas, a coaching tool to map and cluster individual topics.

Occasions for change

There are many reasons for change. They range from individual changes to changes in teams or entire organizations. Through social distancing we are all confronted with a transformation regarding work life balance, working remotely from home, managing families, homeschooling children and more things in parallel. Some might be confronted with a new career step or create a new development plan.

Change events on a team area include for instance the need of onboarding new team members, new team tasks, new goals, new ways of working, new processes or new tools.

Examples at the organizational level could include strategic programs, efficiency programs, or restructuring program.

Key success factors

Together we created a word cloud for the question “What are the most important success factors for leading individuals / teams through changes?” and identified following key factors:

  • #Communication, #Trust + #Empathy


Change Coaching – Mindset

During change it is recommended to have a coaching #mindset.

  • Keep a holistic view since change does not occur isolated.
  • Make sure you are solution – oriented instead of problem oriented,
  • Define SMART targets and
  • Work on eye-level

Consider the different phases – fear, development, transformation- people are in.

Change Coaching – Persona tool

The persona tool from design thinking is extremely helpful to understand the people affected by the change. It is easy to use and brings a clear structure to gather input. It provides input on individual, team and organizational level.

During the session participants had a chance to leverage a template to identify personas within their teams, share the persona and identify coaching topics to define actions for the change process.

Key take away

  • In times of change communicate, create trust and show empathy
  • Change effects individuals, teams and organizations
  • Keep a coaching mindset
  • Use personas to describe your customer
  • Define and install actions based on the persona



Christine Koch
net4tec Munich Support


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net4tec @ Virtual Morning Sessions

Review 4th virtual net4tec Morning Session 16.04.2020
16.04.2020 from 8:30. to 9:30. am


Personal branding is more important than ever. These days it is not enough to BE GOOD but to BE VISIBLE as well. Everyone creates a personal brand, often without realizing it. If you are not knowingly branding yourself, you can be assured that others are doing it for you. #PersonalBranding

So better start and steer in the right direction. Using social media and networking opportunities you can influence how you want to be perceived by others. Effective personal branding sets you apart from the competition and helps to create trust with potential customers and employers. #Trust

In our morning session Dr. Irene Kilubi , Founder & Managing Director at brandPreneurs & brandFluencers and  #net4tec role model presented the steps that should be taken to work on your personal brand and make yourself more visible. As part of an interactive journey she encouraged participants to discover their SOUL in four steps.

Be clear about yourself

The provided soul analysis template helped to jump in the driver’s seat and to define what one wants to stand for based on your values and purpose. It can for instance be useful for becoming more visible, looking for a new job, a new speaking opportunity, or gaining more clients.

In order to get more clarity on strengths you can for instance consult friends and colleagues to help you identify areas where you good at or use the power of 34 talent topics of Gallup strengthfinder to find your potential.


  • Define your strength and core #Competencies
  • List qualification, certification
  • Define your #Skills


  • Be yourself
  • Analyze your competitors what you can do better to fill the gaps
  • Position yourself in a niche
  • Understand the needs of your customer
  • Network, show interest in topics


  • Your network is your networth
  • Build a network before you need it
  • Be helpful first
  • Give, give, give and then ask


  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you enjoying most?
  • What would you do if money does not count?

Know your target group

In order to better define the target group, it is important to focus on persona, platform and profile at the same time.


  • At first create a realistic persona of your desired customer.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself questions about that persona.
  • Describe for instance demographic characteristics as well as goals and fears.


  • When choosing a platform, it is recommended to start with one or two channels LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter).
  • Decide how much effort you can or want to put into social media #SocialMedia
  • Consider what channels are used by your target group (B2B, B2C).
  • Be conscious about whether your content contains a lot of photos or videos (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest).
  • Consider retention time of the chosen channel
  • Regularly create valuable content to be successful


  • Create a great summary to increase attention and optimize your profile. Tell a story about yourself and make sure to use keywords.
  • Put your expertise, offerings and target group into your profile slogan
  • Choose a high quality picture, where you appear according to your target group and smile
  • Be creative with your header by writing your activity or offer in text form #Creativity

Create relevant content

Producing relevant content is part of building a strong personal brand and therefore deserves a more detailed analysis. Since the topic has gone beyond the scope of our #Morningsession, a separate session will be offered soon.

Key take aways

  • Be clear about yourself
  • Start personal branding now
  • Know your target group
  • Start with one or two channels
  • You cannot make a personal brand without creating relevant content


Christine Koch

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net4tec @ Virtual Morning Session

net4tec Virtual Morning Session
Virtual Leadership
02.04.2020 from 9. to 10. am

Leaders and team members had to switch to virtual communication suddenly when being forced to work from home due to Covid19. People who have previously worked in virtual or international environments might have advantages here, but virtual leadership is different during social distancing. Lots of people are exposed to a new situation to manage or being managed remotely. Both sides, managers and team members, must catch up and develop new competencies.

In our second virtual morning session we focused on the challenge of “VirtualLeadership” during the current phase of #socialdistancingnow.

Andrea Griesinger, net4tec Ambassador Frankfurt, guided us through the session and provided her experience of the last 10 years as (digital) business consultant in the IT Industry.


  • Stay in contact and foster #engagement
  • Provide orientation and #stability
  • Embrace your #customers
  • #Trust the team members
  • Encourage #communication
  • Value #punctuality

Many helpful tools are available some of them for free during the corona crisis. If you are new to virtual team meetings and remote management, try out some tools, tips and tricks:

Helpful Tools

  • Microsoft Teams – part of Office 365, privately available for everyone until 2021, restriction on user limit has been lifted.
  • Zoom – virtual teamwork, online demos or online training for up to 100 participants, Tutorial for how to use breakout rooms
  • Note taking tools – PowerPoint allows note taking in the active slide everybody can see
  • Whiteboard tools – i.e. MURAL as virtual flipchart, for brainstorming and post it
  • Meetinginsights – Capture and organize meeting content
  • Other tools – Breakout, Webex, Adobe connect, Skype

Establish Rules

  • Recordings are more valuable for conveying content than interactive meetings, Caution: recording might need to be announced in advance to get consent from all participants.
  • Agree beforehand on contributions and comments, direct interruption might work for smaller teams, while announcing the desire to speak in chat is advisable for larger teams
  • Set housekeeping rules in the beginning like interrupting rules, mute microphones when not speaking to reduce echo and background noise
  • Agree where to find documents
  • Let people finish taking
  • Agree when questions are taken

Define Structure

  • Send an agenda in advance so that the participants know what to expects and can prepare for the topics
  • Collect more agenda items at the beginning to creates commitment and attention
  • Agree on a note taker
  • Create a summary with actions and to-do’s
  • Circulate to all team members
  • Close the meeting with a question what team members can take from the meeting

Virtual Teambuilding

  • Create a good atmosphere for conversation in the beginning
  • Add Ice breaker and Virtual Teambuilding idea
  • Start the meeting with a question to share your thoughts I.e.
  • Engage team members by moderate and take notes alternately
  • Balance between information and interaction to foster collaboration
  • Invite everybody to speak
  • Share a video the beginning A Conference Call in Real Life

Key Take Aways

  • Use tools for #collaboration such as Mural
  • To record or not – There are tools that enable transcripts + recordings with keywords and searches (e.g. Meetinginsights exists for S4B, is currently available as a beta version for MS Teams)
  • Use PowerPoint to present and take note directly on the slide
  • Suggestions for start and final round Virtual Teambuilding ideas
  • Collect agenda items at the beginning to creates commitment and attention
  • Use Ice breaker as common warm up

Looking forward to seeing you during our next virtual morning session on April 9, from 9-10 am: Please sign up here and we will send you the meeting link with the dial-in information via mail.

Join our net4tec community as a member– that way you won’t miss the next gatherings.


Andrea Griesinger
net4tec Ambassador Frankfurt


Begonia Merayo
net4tec Managing Director & Founder


Julia Baumanns
net4tec Business Partner
Christine Koch
net4tec Support Munich


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net4tec @ Virtual Morning Sessions

net4tec Morning Session
Virtual Team Building
09.04.2020 from 9.-10. am

Leading a team comes with many challenges when working together in an office. Virtual work goes one step further and adds new challenges. During this interactive session virtual leader Nahia Orduña, Senior Manager in Analytics + Digital Integration at Vodafone, shared her knowledge and made participants experience themselves, how to virtually get to know each other and better collaborate online. #VirtualLeader

A lot was expected from the third virtual #MorningSession. Participants were eager to share and learn about new ideas, best practices on virtual team building and the many tools being used for collaboration to get #inspired.

Meeting Structure

The purpose of meetings does not change when switching to virtual meetings. People should take virtual meetings as serious as in person meetings. In order to have a successful virtual meeting it is helpful everybody comes prepared, has the camera on and interacts verbally as well as in chat. In bigger meetings, it is recommended to assign a “chat guard” to make sure every voice gets heard.

During our #MorningSession we build a new virtual team in an #agile way by following a suggested meeting structure.

  • Set an agenda where team members can add in Teams Planner
  • Allow for introduction
  • Collect agenda feedback and expectations with Mentimeter
  • Set the impulse to create a project
  • Discuss and gather outcomes (best practice and tips on virtual team building for a post)
  • Feedback and wrap Up

Safety & Trust

During a meeting it is important to create a safe environment for the team and especially foster #trust. While this is often an issue in face-to-face-collaboration there is a risk it becomes worse in a virtual environment. Best practice discussed on how to create trust by dealing with failures and more.

  • Foster a culture of failure
  • Walk the talk as a manager
  • Learn, embrace, celebrate failures
  • Turn failures into lessons learned to grow
  • Consult established evening events “FuckedUp-Nights” hosted by management
  • Make sure everybody gets heard
  • Speak up and share your own opinion
  • Address topics transparently
  • #allyship
  • Ask the question “Did you do your best?”


The many conferencing tools offers lots of collaboration features. During the session the focus was mostly on Teams but there are many other useful tools available. In general, it is recommended to use different tools for fun and work. Here are some recommendations:


Try to keep team members engaged and build a personal connection between them.

  • Do things together, e.g. watch Ted Talks together and discuss it afterwards.
  • Offer team chat.
  • Conduct personality team tests like DISC or color test
  • Find the strength in your team with Gallup Strengthfinder

Take aways

  • Structure Meetings
  • Building trust and supporting trust           
  • Foster a culture of failure
  • Use different collaboration tools
  • Keep team members engaged

Looking forward to seeing you during our next virtual morning session on April 16, from 8:30-9:30 am: Please sign up here and we will send you the meeting link with the dial-in information via mail.

Join our net4tec community as a member– that way you won’t miss the next gatherings.

Nahia Orduña
net4tec Role Model
Julia Baumanns
net4tec Business Partner
Begonia Merayo
net4tec Managing Director & Founder
Christine Koch
net4tec Support Munich

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net4tec @ Virtual Morning Sessions

net4tec @ Virtual Morning Sessions
Every Thursday in March & April

Dear net4tec community

Exploring new opportunities to keep growing within our community in times of covid-19 we invite you to join us to our new „Virtual Morning Session“ series.

We would like to create the space to exchange within the community, to network online as well as discussing current trends that we are all facing at the moment.

Women and men are welcome!

Our first morning session March 26, 2020 –> from 9 to 10am: #PersonalGrowth

Enhance your strengths, develop your potentials and improve your quality of life. Develop your personal growth strategy! Especially in challenging environments and critical situations.

Please find the topics & dates for the coming weeks below.

# personal growth – 26.03.2020 (from 9. to 10. am)

# virtual leadership – 02.04.2020 (from 9. to 10. am)

# virtual team building – 09.04.2020 (from 9. to 10. am)

# personal branding -16.04.2020 (from 9. to 10. am)

# personal growth II – 23.04.2020 (from 9. to 10. am)

# virtual leadership II – 30.04.2020 (from 9. to 10. am)


These sessions are for YOU! If you feel we are missing out on a certain topic let us know via email: and we can add it!

Please sign up here and we will send you the meeting link with the dial-in information via mail.

net4tec is really looking forward to e-meeting you at the next virtual morning session!

The net4tec Morning Session is the follow-up to our new #DiversityMatter series, where we exchange experiences and best practices about diversity, careers, technology, tools and pragmatic implementation in daily business life. Women and men are invited!

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net4tec@ IWM2020 presented by Airbus, 9 March 2020 – 11.00h – Ottobrunn Pavillon

net4tec@ IWM2020
presented by Airbus
29 September 2020 – 11.00h – Ottobrunn Pavillon
Willy-Messerschmittstrasse 1, 82024 Taufkirchen, Building 74D, Groundfloor

More than data: The Human Factor
– A conference by Balance for Business Ottobrunn

In an era where data rules the world, intelligence becomes artificial, reality virtual, mobility autonomous, homes smart and machines learn: What role does the “Human Factor” play? What will remain fundamentally human? Where and how will we be able to make the difference?

Join us for an exciting panel discussion, networking lunch and workshops to deep-dive into the topic!

Places are limited. Register with the code “net4tec @ IWD20 presented by Airbus” directly here.


11:00 – Panel Discussion:

Barbara Bergmeier
Head of Operations and member of the ExCom at Airbus Defence and Space, Barbara shaped her organization with strong focus on people. She is convinced that competitiveness, innovation and high performance of Operations are only possible with people in the centre.

Dr. Carmen Köhler
From hairdresser to analog astronaut – Carmen follows her diverse talents and passions! Either as entrepreneur on programming & photovoltaics, as Astronaut Support and Education Manager for the foundation ‘erste deutsche Astronautin gGmbH’ or participating in Mars simulation missions, she knows about the key role of human skills!

Netra Gowda
Netra is Head of Data Analytics and AI at Airbus Defence and Space. While data is at the heart of the entire Digital Transformation journey she says: “The human element and proximity to business are key to making the most out of data”.

Mario Müller
As Head of IT Sales in Infineon and founder of “APureMind”, Mario combines his professional experiences in Sales, Supply Chain, E- Business and IT with his passion for people and team dynamics. He is deeply convinced that “respected, satisfied, understood and happy people always deliver!”

12:30 – Networking Lunch

13:30 – Workshops

Human Impact in the digital era: Leadership in Times of AI & Digitalization
The technological wave of digitalization and smart automation is fundamentally transforming the way we work – and at an unprecedented pace. In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn and exchange on:

  • How is digitalization transforming the working environment?
  • Which skills and competences are critical to your career success?
  • How does diversity of agile teams guarantee success?
  • How can organisations foster your career ambitions and provide space for creating real value?

Hosted by:

Begonia Merayo
net4tec Founder

Stefanie Knoren
net4tec Ambassadeur

Andrea Taylor
net4tec Ambassadeur

Alina Popa
net4tec Ambassadeur

Fancy to learn the secret recipe of a Coaching Leader?
Come and join us to learn the two basic ingredients to set “leadership by coaching” into practice, i.e “empathic listening” and “powerful questioning”. We will share some practical tools and techniques that will help you to develop your coaching leader mindset.

Hosted by:

Airbus Foundation & Sustainability
Wondering what environmental activities are underway within our Division? What is the Airbus Foundation all about? Discover local activities (e.g. engaging youth in the digital world) and how you can contribute to a sustainable future!

Hosted by:

Flash Coaching
Flash coaching is a short, individual coaching session of 20 minutes. It is a moment where you as coachee can take a step back and experience in a short space of time what coaching is about. For you as coachee, it will be very helpful to come to the session with a specific topic you would lik e to explore.

15:00 – Closing

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Generation Gap? Wie generationsübergreifende Teams den Erfolg garantieren, 14. Februar 2020, Café Merci, Kronberg/ FFM

„Generation Gap? Wie generationsübergreifende Teams den Erfolg garantieren.”
14. Februar 2020 im Café Merci, Kronberg/ FFM

Der nachhaltigste Wettbewerbsvorteil und größte Erfolg-Treiber in der digitalen Ära sind diverse Teams mit einem agilen Mindset.

Hierbei setzt sich net4tec als kollaborative Plattform und globales Netzwerk zur Förderung von Frauenkarrieren und vielfältigen Teams im MINT und Digital Business ein. Wir vernetzen weibliche Talente, Männer + Unternehmen und unterstützen Karrieren über verschiedene Lebensphasen.

Die net4tec Morning Session ist der Startpunkt unserer Diversity Matters Reihe im Rhein-Main-Gebiet, wo wir uns über Vielfalt, Karriere, Technik, Tools und pragmatische Umsetzung in täglichen Business Life austauschen.

Frauen und Männer sind dafür eingeladen! #togethermatters

Meldet euch hier an!

Die net4tec Morning Session ist kostenlos. Jeder zahlt sein eigenes Frühstück.

Wir freuen auf Euch und auf eine anregende Diskussion!

Juan Hernandez,P&G, Ambassador net4tec

Andrea Griesinger, Transformation Consultant und Partner und bei Upgrade, Ambassador net4tec

Zur Anmeldung…

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