60 minutes GROW TO LEAD: Build your mental fitness to unleash your true unique awesomeness

Thu, 29 September 2022 21:00 – 22:00 IST


Dear net4tec community,

Exploring new opportunities to keep growing within our community we invite you to join us to our new „60 minutes – GROW TO LEAD “ series.

These sessions are the space for knowledge transfer within the community, for online networking, as well as for discussing current trends to grow both personally and professionally.

Women and men are welcome!

Knowledge transfer at its best with Maria Elena Alvarez Camps and Anabel Requena

Unleash your true unique awesomeness by “Building your mental fitness”


How can you be happier and directly improve your performance by controlling your critical inner voice? The one telling you: “I am not good enough” , “I have to say yes”, “I can’t say no, they will not like me, I will be happy; when”: By learning to intercept your top critical inner voice you will be able to transform every situation into an opportunity.

Key Learnings & Take Aways

Learn how to stop your “Saboteurs”, these voices in your head that generate negative emotions by the way they handle life’s challenges. They are invisible agents of self-sabotage.

Learn how to increase you “ Sage”, the one who handles challenges through positive emotions like: empathy, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, calm, clear-headed and laser-focused action.

By increasing your control over your emotions:

  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Benefit from healthier relationships

About the Speakers

Elena Camps is Transformational Manager in Airbus with 30 years of experience in Aviation programmes, covering all aspects of the aerospace product lifecycle. Elena has been recognised for playing a vital leadership role in challenging the “status quo”.

Her corporate experience taught her the importance of unleashing people’s potential to maximize team performance, therefore she decided to become an executive coach. Today, with the mindset of an aeronautical engineer and the heart of a coach, she has founded “Elevate3” to provide leadership business and personal coaching. She is also specialised in fostering employees to embrace company values.

Elena is the co-author of a book to promote Latina women in Aviation. Born in Cuba and raised in Spain, she holds a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from Universidad Politecnica of Madrid and is certified as a PMP (Project Management Professional). Currently she is living in Munich with her husband and two children.

Anabel Requena is an ICF certified Business Coach, with the conviction that the success of organizations depends on the development of the human factor. Her mission is, in partnership with the clients, the search for disruptive factors that hinder the full development of their potential.

Her areas of coaching and training are: Development of emotional and positive intelligence, negotiation and conflict techniques, time management and leadership skills.

Anabel Requena had made her carrier in the Media Sector, She joined the High Potential Programme of the Bertelsmann AG in 1994, straight after receiving her master degree in economics in her hometown Alicante (Spain). In 1998, Anabel started her own management consultant business, with focus on media companies and start ups.

60′ GROW TO LEAD SESSIONS with net4tec

This Session is the net4tec jour fixe for you and your career!

Our 60′ Sessions take place every second Thursday from 17:30-18:30 CET.

One hour in which we discuss a relevant topic for our personal growth and career in focus together with an Expert:in and many other net4tec participants.

The sessions are very interactive. We start with an impulse lecture with many best practices and pragmatic tips on how we can further implement the topic in our professional life.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on exchange with the participants and mutual support in sharing one’s own experiences and questions.

After the 60′

? You got to know a new perspective on the topic, learned new important contents and got a few tips on how I can further advance the topic.

? You also go back to the office with a lot of inspiration and have met new exciting people again and found some connecting points on how we can support each other.

This is a very special session in your agenda to share with the community, network online and discuss current trends that we are all facing at the moment and really push me forward.


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The 60 minutes – GROW TO LEAD series is the follow-up to our new #DiversityMatter series, where we exchange experiences and best practices about diversity, careers, technology, tools and pragmatic implementation in daily business life. Women and men are invited!

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