How does diversity unite us?
Online Event – 18th of May | 06:30 – 08:00 PM

Digital Open Round Table & Networking evening as an initiative for the 9th German Diversity Day #Vielfaltverbindet – United by diversity.

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Welcome to our digital Open Round Table and Networking evening as an initiative for the official 9th German Diversity Day under this year’s Hashtag #Vielfaltverbindet – United by diversity.

We invite you to this free, interactive evening to get close to personal stories and different perspectives on diversity. Come and get inspired, share your own story and views, discuss and connect with like minded people. Our wonderful role models will inspire with us their personal take and identifications on diversity. We will have enough time to discuss, share different perspectives and get the chance to connect personally.

Our society is diverse, because each and every one carries diversity within him or her. But what does diversity actually mean in concrete terms? When having a look at our population in Germany we see that we live in a diverse society. Around one in four people has a migrant background, one in nine people has a disability, and more than 7 percent of the population identifies as non-heterosexual.

All of us have experienced at some point in our life a situation of being (or feeling) „different“ or an “outsider” within an aspect, group or setting in our life. With this evening on the German Diversity Day, we want to come together and foster tolerance, openness, empathy and understanding for diversity as we all ARE diversity. Let’s create a bond through our stories and discuss how we can cultivate this mindset and culture and how each of us can contribute and advocate for it. It’s a great opportunity to learn from each other, shape a diverse future with each other and foster unity through seeing the multitude of diversity that we are.

Agenda outline

*Welcome & Check-In

*Round I: Personal takes on diversity

Get inspired by personal impulses and stories on diversity from some of our net4tec role models. Then, we go into break out sessions to connect and share your diversity story

*Round II: Overcoming adversity

Get close to some personal experiences and stories on diversity from some of our net4tec role models. Then, we go into break out sessions to reflect on chances to foster diversity in everyday life

*Wrap Up with all participants

About net4tec

net4tec connects female talents and men who support women careers with executives and companies and supports careers across all stages of life. More women at all management levels means greater innovative power and higher competitiveness in the company. Because together matters.

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About the speakers

Everyone is welcome – come as your are!

This is really an interactive evening so each and everyone plays an important role and therefore is a “speaker” too. Of course, you can share as much or little about your personal story as you want. You can find the current list of our wonderful role models that will contribute with their personal take as an impulse for our discussions below in the (continually updated) speakers list.

Host: Begonia Merayo, founder of net4tec, will be open the evening.

Moderator: Sara Rapsch, net4tec ambassador in Munich, will take us through the evening and moderate the sessions

We are looking forward to an inspiring and interactive evening with all of you where diversity is not only a buzzword but becomes real by personal experience and perspectives.

Your net4etc team

P.d.: Here you can find the link to the official action page of the Diversity Charter on behalf of the 9th German Diversity Day : https://www.charta-der-vielfalt.de/aktivitaeten/deutscher-diversity-tag/ See less