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Anna Haenchen

Senior Project Manager | Zielpuls GmbH

"Never try - never know"

I like challenges. I like new things and when a job challenges me.

At the same time, I find appreciation very important – for my expertise, for my work, for me as a person/colleague/team member/team leader.

I also think promotion is important. Be it in private through further training, good conversations or books or in the job with a good mentor, a developing country and exciting tasks.

Last but not least, I need a healthy work-life balance. My work also has to fit into my private life.

All four points define my career for me. If something is out of balance, I notice it quickly and then take the consequences.

My biggest and most enduring challenge is my daughter. Such a small person can quickly turn your whole life upside down. Of course, priorities and values ??also change. And all of a sudden, completely different demands are also placed on organizational skills.

When I look back on my professional career, I have certainly had many challenges that initially seemed insurmountable. But with the right attitude, the right organization and the right people, you can achieve a lot more than you think. In such situations, it is important for me to always look: what is the worst that can happen? In many cases, one takes away the fear when one sees that worst-case scenarios are not that bad after all.

‘Take 2 years of parental leave’ – an absolute no-go

I honestly have to say that at the beginning of my career I was very network shy.
In the meantime, it has become an important building block for me and indispensable. You learn great people, great new perspectives, a lot about yourself and (almost) always get new impulses.

For numbers 🙂
Unusual maybe, but in our family I take care of the finances.
I also learned how to program Python and am interested in data science and ML applications.

My daughter and how she sees the world and discovers new things every day.
Nature and the ocean because they offer me a reliable place of rest.
Brave people who live for their beliefs and dreams.

‘Take 2 years of parental leave’ – an absolute no-go

It’s your life – live it your way!
Find out what is important to YOU ??and focus on that.

Anna Haenchen

"Never try - never know"

Senior Project Manager | Zielpuls GmbH