#RoleModel Questionnaire

More than just a career network for women.

We are a collaborative global network to support female careers and diversity in teams within STEM and digital business.

Female Careers, this is a mutual project for both sexes. We are looking for men and women, who break barriers and show proactively the alternative way.

We are looking for men, who are supporting female careers. Men who step up for women. We are addressing men, who inspire other men and women, make the topic more visible, encourage and support. We want true enablers of female careers throughout their different life phases.

Our Values – Your benefits

Because we believe, that

Diversity matters

Diversity makes life not only more colourful, but more successful. We support female careers within STEM & Digital Business.

Unhiding hidden Champions

… there are many ambitious women who deserve a higher level of visibility. We are connecting women, presenting authentic Role Models – female and male. Men, who are supporting actively female careers. We are reaching out to the hidden champions of the industries. 

Together we are strong

Diversity is not only a female topic. It is equally important to work jointly for the same cause – women, men and companies- everyone aims for the same strategy.

1 platform, many opportunities

our offer, as individual and with great variety, just like you. Different partners, attractive events and happenings- we are connecting you with other networking associations to make sure every chance is taken. You will find the right offer for you, at any time, independent of your current life situation.

Aim of net4tec Role Models

To encourage other women to start professional careers in areas like technology, science, engineering or digital. Be an example for others on how to grow and develop yourself. We present women who are successful on their path in their own way. We present men, who are true enablers of female careers. We want to show diversity with a variety of individuals, different in age, life situations, professional levels and sex. Therefore, we also welcome men among our role models. Men who support female careers and who speak up if necessary.

A role model should not only encourage, but create trust, share useful experiences, life hacks and advice. You can make a difference by sharing your story and inspire other women taking a different path. A path, that sometimes seems to be challenging, but very rewarding in the end.


Below you find the questionnaire, which you send us back with 2 pictures in good quality. One official business portrait and one personal view of you (full body shot optional).

Depending on your answers, we will schedule a short phone call with you to discuss further questions.

The text will be published with your approval at the net4tec website as well as on the net4tec social media channels.

You will receive a letter of approval from us with screenshots of the website, waiting you’re your consent and final approval.

Please sign up as a net4tec member: https://net4tec.com/join

We are welcoming male members who would like to engage themselves as either role model, mentor or ambassador with net4tec and who contribute their part to the common goal.  The membership is free.

There are no further obligations for you. If you want to have your role model profile to be deleted in the future, you can reach out to us at any time.