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Katrin Grunwald

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans!"

Founder, Team Development Consultant and Coach for FIrst-Time Leader | The Globe Team

What means career for you?

Career is for me a chosen professional path that can develop according to your personal interest as well as outside opportunities waiting for you to take them.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by fellow female founders, especially those who manage to combine work and family life such as Kati Ernst and Kristine Zeller from Ooshi.

What was your biggest professional challenge and how have you solved it?

Setting up my own company “The Globe Team” after 8 years of working in the area of leadership development at a large European corporate was for sure a “jump into cold water” – but I was driven by my inner motivation to support teams and first-time leaders from lots of different kinds of organizations from NGOs, to start-ups, to mid-sized companies, to political organizations, etc.

What is the worst advice someone has ever said to you?

There actually was no worst advice I can remember. Even if an advice doesn’t resonate with me, I usually see the good intention of the person giving it based on their perspective and their experience.

What importance have career networks for you in your professional career?

A very important one! Already during my corporate career, I was keen to connect and support others such as through the network of alumni of the corporate trainee programme, which I was part of. When I started my own company, professional networks gave me the opportunity to meet people from completely different fields of work – and potential customers as in many kinds of organizations the move from team member to team leader is one that can be supported more.

What is the learning or advice you would like to share with other women?

I would like to encourage other women to follow their dreams! I firmly believe that if you know where you want to get to (a certain position with impact, working at a certain location or with certain clients, being responsible for XYZ,..) this vision can guide your decisions and will eventually lead you there!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about teams and how they can work together, especially international ones! That is something that has been driving me already during my teenage years as volunteer with NGOs and is also the reason why nowadays I work especially with first-time leaders as I see them as the foundation of a future generation of leaders who care deeply about teams working well together to increase an organization’s impact and success.

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