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Podcastfolge: #2 The power of LinkedIn and networking | net4tec

Dies ist eine ältere Folge mit unseren ehemaligen Kooperationspartnern Shari & Moni von Braintalk. Ab Folge 6 wird es aktuelle Folgen geben, die direkt von uns veröffentlicht werden.

Welcome to our net4tec podcast! We are a collaborative platform and a global network for the promotion of women’s careers and diverse teams in MINT and digital business. For this purpose, we will publish one episode once a month in our series #powerofdiversity.

What is net4tec?  net4tec connects female talents with executives & companies, and supports careers across different phases of life. Because: more women in all management levels means more innovative power and competitiveness of companies!

Who am I listening to in this episode?  In this episode we talk to Julia Baumanns – she is a Business Partner at net4tec and a technical delivery manager at Microsoft.

What do I learn in this episode?

1) How she is internationalizing net4tec and why Ireland is one of the best places to find high-potentials/professionals

2) How LinkedIn let her slid into the IT world without even planning it

3) How networking at lunch helped her to receive one of the best job positions in her life at microsoft


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net4tec _ The FeMale Career Network for inclusive Diversity in Technology & Digital Business

We are a collaborative platform and global network for promoting women’s careers and diverse teams in STEM and digital business.

We connect female talents with executives + companies and support careers over different life phases.
We support Companies to build diverse teams and establish sustainable diversity.

More women at all management levels means more innovative strength + competitiveness of companies.

#women #career #digital #business #technology

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