Content is Queen 

It is been seven weeks now that net4tec introduced a weekly virtual morning session. After the basics of #PersonalBranding were presented in the #4 session, this week’s session immersed in creating content and how to attract interaction with the audience. #ContentMarketing

Dr. Irene Kilubi, our net4tec role model, Founder & Managing Director at brandPreneurs & brandFluencers invited everybody on a journey to create a successful content marketing strategy while showing how good content has to look like and how the needs of the target group can be met with unique and amazing #content. Everybody had a chance to choose the media to start best with as well as formats and types to use.

In a short mentimeter survey everyone had to chance to assess what kind of social media type they are and which type they wanted to be in the near future.

While the majority stated as participant or curator, everyone was highly interested in becoming a creatorand generating more content. These 6 different social media types were available to choose from:

  1. Ghost: Makes a profile, but never o rarely checks in
  2. Participant: Avid supporter, liking and commenting on other people’s content frequently
  3. Observer: Occasionally scrolls trough the feed, no original content
  4. Curator: Strategically crafting comments and network
  5. Salesman: Only interested in cold messaging for sales
  6. Creator: Strategically writing content and engaging with

If you want to turn from a ghost or any other type to a content creator #JustdoIt. Even if you might think you are not good enough in the beginning, free yourself from what others think and throw your fear overboard. #TrySomethingNew.

Content Media

Although there is a wide spectrum of content media the session concentrated on written content only like blogpost, reports, articles, case studies, infographics, emails, whitepapers, surveys, e-books and more.

The golden rule? When creating content choose a channel first, define the target groups and start with what you feel most comfortable with (i.e video or blogpost).

Content Formats

Content Types

As soon as you put yourself out there and start posting and commenting you are a content creator. During the session 4 different types of articles and posts have been discussed to support participants.

Exercise & Call to action

The session was finally closed with a call to action asking participants to write a post about the session to even get valuable feedback from our #contentqueen Dr. Irene Kilubi.

See for instance the posting from Begonia Merayo and Nadine Greck how this task was accomplished.

Key take away


Christine Koch
Munich Support