Summary net4tec @ Virtual Morning Session
#5 Change Coaching
23.04.2020 – Online


Heraclitus said:” The only constant in life is change”. For many people this is even truer today than 3 months ago. Everyone walks on their own path through a phase of change. #Change  

In order to allow for transformation, change must be accepted, which usually happens after a phase of shock and fear. For a successful change to happen, people must change – Put them first!


In our morning session Dr. Carolina Kleebaur, Founder and Leadership Coach at CKC Impact Coaching with more than 15 years’ experience in project execution and change management for organizational transformation programs gave us an insight on #ChangeCoaching and explained how to support employees and team members during transformational phases. Participants had a chance to immerse into the world of personas, a coaching tool to map and cluster individual topics.

Occasions for change

There are many reasons for change. They range from individual changes to changes in teams or entire organizations. Through social distancing we are all confronted with a transformation regarding work life balance, working remotely from home, managing families, homeschooling children and more things in parallel. Some might be confronted with a new career step or create a new development plan.

Change events on a team area include for instance the need of onboarding new team members, new team tasks, new goals, new ways of working, new processes or new tools.

Examples at the organizational level could include strategic programs, efficiency programs, or restructuring program.

Key success factors

Together we created a word cloud for the question “What are the most important success factors for leading individuals / teams through changes?” and identified following key factors:


Change Coaching – Mindset

During change it is recommended to have a coaching #mindset.

Consider the different phases – fear, development, transformation- people are in.

Change Coaching – Persona tool

The persona tool from design thinking is extremely helpful to understand the people affected by the change. It is easy to use and brings a clear structure to gather input. It provides input on individual, team and organizational level.

During the session participants had a chance to leverage a template to identify personas within their teams, share the persona and identify coaching topics to define actions for the change process.

Key take away



Christine Koch
net4tec Munich Support