Virtual Team Building

Leading a team comes with many challenges when working together in an office. Virtual work goes one step further and adds new challenges. During this interactive session virtual leader Nahia Orduña, Senior Manager in Analytics + Digital Integration at Vodafone, shared her knowledge and made participants experience themselves, how to virtually get to know each other and better collaborate online. #VirtualLeader

A lot was expected from the third virtual #MorningSession. Participants were eager to share and learn about new ideas, best practices on virtual team building and the many tools being used for collaboration to get #inspired.

Meeting Structure

The purpose of meetings does not change when switching to virtual meetings. People should take virtual meetings as serious as in person meetings. In order to have a successful virtual meeting it is helpful everybody comes prepared, has the camera on and interacts verbally as well as in chat. In bigger meetings, it is recommended to assign a “chat guard” to make sure every voice gets heard.

During our #MorningSession we build a new virtual team in an #agile way by following a suggested meeting structure.

Safety & Trust

During a meeting it is important to create a safe environment for the team and especially foster #trust. While this is often an issue in face-to-face-collaboration there is a risk it becomes worse in a virtual environment. Best practice discussed on how to create trust by dealing with failures and more.


The many conferencing tools offers lots of collaboration features. During the session the focus was mostly on Teams but there are many other useful tools available. In general, it is recommended to use different tools for fun and work. Here are some recommendations:


Try to keep team members engaged and build a personal connection between them.

Take aways

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