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16 – 17 September, 2021, in MOC Munich


net4tec is the feMale Career Network for inclusive diversity in STEM and Digital Business. We are a collaborative platform and global network for the promotion of diverse teams and women’s careers throughout the different phases of life.

herCAREER, Europe’s leading fair for female careers!

– With numerous formats for interactive exchange herCAREER strengthens the formation of networks between companies and female talents in particular. This includes role models, contacts to insiders and experts. Also because almost every second job is now filled via a network.

– herCARER offer extends, beyond the herCAREER Community and the herCAREER Expo, to PR services such as interviews, as well as herCAREER job matches and herCAREER lunch dates to facilitate exciting contacts for a professional and personal exchange.

Premiere 2021: join net4tec live in person @ herCAREER

net4tec MeetUps

16.09.2021 | 10:00 to 10:45 | MeetUp F.01 Tisch 3 Halle 2 | MUC Munich

“How do we bring value to business? A guideline towards sustainable transformation”
with Belen Romero, (Sustainability & Energy Consultancy, Ambassador net4tec Munich)

This session provides you a practical know-how about sustainability. We will introduce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) practices that provide a structure, as well as a common language to work our pathway on how to reach business alignment with profitable social-ecological opportunities. This session will challenge you to reflect about your situation and role models’ strategies.

Belén is passionate about sustainability and ways to create opportunities, promote partnerships and cultivate awareness to create positive impact in our PPP – System (People, Planet and Profit)

She is a Consultant in Sustainability and Energy, bringing background in the field of engineering and facilitation. She has 10+ years’ experience working with organizations to identify value-led opportunities to improve their sustainability performance by advising executive board on ESG, company sustainability activities and strategic action plans, by monitoring and reporting on sustainability indicators, investments and risks, as well as by being a competent contact person for all the business structure.

She also collaborates with several NGOs and organizations focused on sustainability leadership and women empowerment and is net4tec Ambassador in Munich.


16.09.2021 | 12:00 to 12:45 | MeetUp F.01 Tisch 3 Halle 2 | MUC Munich

“What we can learn from Customer Success and how we can apply this to accelerate our career?”

with Alina Popa, (Global Program Manager – Client Success Strategy @ Pegasystems Inc., Ambassador net4tec Munich)

Customer Success is the business method ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using a product or a service. The goal of Customer Success is to make the customer as successful as possible.

How can the principles of Customer Success be applied in accelerating your career path? How can we drive our career to reach the desired success? Join us and learn both about Customer Success / Roles and responsibilities of the Customer Success Manager role in the IT Industry,/ Career acceleration paths which apply the Customer Success Approach.

Alina Popa is a global Project Manager, leading global strategic projects in Customer Success at Pegaysytems, a global IT company. Prior to this role, she worked for 10+ years at SAP in global roles in Customer Success, Business Development and Finance. She is an avid gender equality supporter – beside leading the Global Women@Pega, and being a net4tec ambassador, she founded and led the Business Women’s Network at SAP in Munich. 17.09.2021


17.09.2021 | 15:00 to 15:45 | MeetUp F.01 Tisch 3 Halle 2 | MUC Munich

“Transformation in automotive, from manufacturer to service provider – a challenge for OEMs, an opportunity for your career”
with Mariya Davydenko (Business Development Director @Ciklum, Ambassador net4tec Stuttgart)

Automotive industry is on the edge of radical change. The long-lasted mind-set of car ownership moves toward more flexible models of transportation. To meet customers’ expectations, established and new OEMs and mobility providers are rethinking their business models, transforming the organizations and integrating state-of-the-art technologies. Join our discussion about the industry development, career opportunities and required skills.

Mariya is an executive with 10+ years of experience in OEMs, consulting and tech companies. Her main focus lies on transformation and digitalisation of marketing and sales activities and generation of new business models. Being passionate about entrepreneurship, she co-founder her own company, which brings asian inspired lifestyle articles to the European customers. In her roles in corporate and start-ups Mariya develops talents and teams. As net4tec ambassador in Stuttgart she is part of the community which drives diversity and collaboration in the work environment.


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