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net4tec @ bayme vbm Venture.Bar: Where success begins

net4tec @ bayme vbm

March 8, 2023 I 5:00 - 11:00 P.M. I NachtKantine, Munich

Its Free!

Advance in your career with a best in class network event

TOP Knowledge Transfer first hand during the personal exchange with over 15 international Experts

Join the net4tec community in person as well as our role models, Experts and cooperation partners

net4tec @ bayme vbm Venture.Bar: Where success begins

  • The focus is on female entrepreneurs who translate their enthusiasm for future issues into creative and commercial action. At the International Women’s Day event in cooperation with bayme vbm Venture.Bar with the motto “The future inspires”, successful female founders, experts and leaders talk about their experiences in the start-up ecosystem.
  • Afterwards, the Venture.Bar offers a lively setting for exchange between established and young companies.
  • Network with start-ups and exploit the get-together to find out about new business models and cooperation opportunities.
  • The event will take place in presence. If this is not possible due to the current pandemic situation, we will inform you.

About bayme vbm Venture.Bar

  • bayme vbm is the employers’ association for the metal and electrical industry in Bavaria. Their goal is the economic success of their member companies.
  • bayme represents the common economic, social and political interests of more than 3,400 member companies and actively helps to shape the economic and socio-political framework. With their services, they support their members in maintaining and expanding your competitiveness.

Key Learnings

Join us in person at the International Women’s Day event in cooperation with bayme vbm in Munich and

  • Get to know us, the global network for female careers in the STEAM environment.
  • Explore how you can develop yourself with the power of the net4tec community
  • Exchange with our net4tec team and role models how you can engage with the net4tec community and why the network is a safe space for authenticity, experimentation and shared learning.

Key Take aways

  • During the event you meet friends, net4tec members, role models and cooperation partners as well as completely new people in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss how we can put our new mission to life with the power of community.
  • We come together and discuss about the relevant topics for your personal and professional development
  • You explore how you can realize your full potential with the power of the net4tec community
  • You exploit the special offer to enjoy the premium membership with our 30 days free trial
Its Free!

net4tec @ bayme vbm Venture.Bar

We are now at bayme vbm Venture.Bar for the first time with our own round table! And feel very honoured to bring to life a real cooperation that adds so much value to the net4tec community and every single member.

We at net4tec are an effective, engaged, and relevant network of an international feMale community from the STEM world.

We founded net4tec in 2018 and have grown to an international community of over 1,500 women and men with chapters in different cities in Germany as well as in Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.

With the power of the community, we have held over 200 events, presented more than 120 role models in our network (women/men), and rocked the international stage with more than 100 net4tec keynote speakers.

We from net4tec are represented on relevant stages such as herCareer, Hannover Messe, Web Summit, Future of AI, and in corporates like BMW, Google, Airbus, Bosch, Microsoft, Accenture, and many others.


net4tec premium members  and All our members get a fast lane ticket for this free of charge event. Reserve your seat NOW as the places are limitated.


Learn. Grow. Connect.

With the leading STEM network for women.

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