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virtual entre nous

Holistic learning program for true female leaders

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Shape your career and upskill yourself for the new normal

virtual entre nous, a holistic learning program to expand the skills & capabilities required for your growth as true female leader.

The crisis has accelerated businesses to reach new levels of digitalization. A new understanding of leadership is crucial, new competences and skills are required. As a leader you are requested to understand complex situations, deal with ambiguity and be able to quickly adopt to a new environment, all of this while driving your team through uncertainty and mostly in a virtual environment. Leaders are requested to enable growth now and beyond the new normal.

Successful executives and ambitious leaders use times of crisis to expand their skills and capabilities. net4tec inspires and supports you in advancing your career – We are proud to present the “virtual entre nous”.

A holistic learning program exclusively designed for true female leaders

What does it take to master your success as a true leader?

A tailor-made program with a holistic approach and individual support. Designed by net4tec, executed with our ambassador senior experts for our community with competence (Head), experience (Hands) and passion (Heart).

Our ENTRE NOUS are developed in 5 learning levels:

Join our net4tec virtual entre nous

Your learning journey

You will learn from our expert facilitators and the other participants and inspire each other with examples from your professional practice.

The modules have been developed exclusively for you by experienced net4tec senior experts who will support you in promoting your career and supporting your personal growth!

At the end of each program all participants will receive individual feedback and suggestions for further learning and personal development from the facilitators.

Key milestones for your true female leaders learning program

Branding your career for next level success

April 20 – June 04 2021

Exploring Agile Coaching

Sept. 2 – Oct 21, 2021

Developing high performing teams

May 10 – July 5, 2021

Key milestones for your true female leaders learning program

Branding your career for next level success

April 20 – June 04 2021

Exploring Agile Coaching

Sept. 2 – Oct 21, 2021

Developing high performing teams

May 10 – July 5, 2021

How do we ensure that the program is a success for you and your career?

In addition to the content related to each topic, you will get a lot of extras, service and support

Live Sessions

All our ENTRE NOUS virtual  sessions are live and the Expert responds individually to the group.


You will receive an exclusive workbook with best practice examples, templates and further input.

Guidance & Motivation

Your coach leads & motivates you through the program! They know how to unlock your maximum potential to succeed. 

Small groups

We accept a maximum of 8-10 participants, to ensure that we can respond to each of you individually.

Motivating peer group

You will be part of a small peer group of 3 to 4 participants where you exchange your best practices, your challenges and your development during your entre nous learning journey and you get feedback, encouragement and inspiration.


At the end of the program you will have the opportunity to receive individual feedback by our senior expert. You are free to “ask anything” and thus receive further personalized support.

Private LinkedIn GROUP

You will be invited to our private LinkedIn Group, where you can share ideas, get feedback and connect with other participants + net4tec experts and coaches.

The virtual entre nous LinkedIn group is a learning community for exchanging and exploring ideas, as well as sharing and receiving “high fives” after having achieved milestones of your self-improvement journey.

Network for future

Join our net4tec community and exploit the power of network

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Who is this program for?

This program has been exclusively designed for true female leaders, who actively want to drive their career to the next level by expanding the competences and skills required for the new normal.

How much time do I need to invest in the program?

Each “virtual entre nous“ program lasts a total of 8 weeks.

In terms of time, we recommend that you calculate about 2 hours per week to attend the live training, complete your self-learning experience and – if you’d like – engage with the community. 

Naturally, the more focus and dedication you put into the virtual entre nous the more you’ll get out of it. 

If on short notice you cannot attend one of the live modules, please get in touch with your facilitator and we´ll find a way on how to get you back on track.

Our exclusive offer for your holistic learning program virtual entre nous for true female leaders

The virtual entre nous learning program consists of three different topics that will bring you forward as an authentic female leader.

3 key milestones for upskilling your career to the next level:

Your investment
smart price for a premium expert program

8 Weeks holistic Learning Program _ virtual entre nous :
Price per Topic: 1.150 € included VAT

Book your appointment with the net4tec team to know more about the program and registration

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Exploring Agile Coaching

with Andrea Griesinger & Nanna Rüster + net4tec

8 Weeks holistic learning program net4tec virtual entre nous

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Price: 1.150 € included VAT

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Price: 1.035 € incl. VAT

Sept 2 – Oct 21, 2021

Realize your full potential 
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