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Personal Branding – LinkedIn versus Clubhouse
11.03.2020 from 08:30 to 09:30

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Coffee, Chat & Learn with Christina Richter

„Personal Branding – LinkedIn versus Clubhouse”


Personal Branding is one of those buzzwords that makes many people’s hair stand on end. Some say it’s only for self-promoters, others clearly say personal branding is a must-have in today’s business and professional world. I think the truth lies somewhere in between, because it has a lot to do with what your goals are for your professional life. It is important that you really ask yourself what you stand for or what you want to be known for? Once this question has been answered, you should think about who your target group is, i.e. who you want to reach.

And on this basis you decide which channels you should use for personal branding. LinkedIn is always a good idea as the number one business platform. But recently Clubhouse has been vying for our attention. So we take a look at how you can lay the foundation for your personal branding on LinkedIn and build on that foundation through Clubhouse Talks.

Key Learnings & Take Aways

Personal branding is a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

When I Google you, the Google results are the first impression I get of you. Therefore, it is important that you address your digital footprint.

The question of platform is important, but more important is the question of why you want to do personal branding in the first place.

About the speaker

Christina Richter is a personal branding and communications strategist based in Berlin. After ten years in agencies, medium-sized businesses and large corporations in the areas of PR, corporate communications and social media, she has been advising companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world since 2015. Her passion has always been storytelling, especially stories about people. With this in mind, she has made personal branding the focus of her work and supports companies in the (further) development of their corporate influencer strategy and individuals in how they can become visible as thought leaders in their specific field. Her focus is on helping people to integrate personal branding as a communication tool in their professional life without having to spend the whole day on content creation and posting on social media channels.

While working for a Chinese company, Christina Richter gained deep insights into China’s digital economy. On this topic, she wrote the non-fiction book “Digital China: Basic Knowledge and Inspiration for Your Business Success in the Middle Kingdom”. With this book, Christina Richter wants to create more understanding for what is probably the most digital society in the world. Her second book “E-Commerce Trends in China – Social Commerce, Live Streaming or New Retail” will be published this spring. Christina Richter is also co-author of the Spiegel bestseller “Future Republic”.

Christina Richter has a master’s degree in international information management with a focus on intercultural communication.

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