60 minutes GROW TO LEAD
How to journey 4 “New Work”!
15.04.2020 from 08:30 to 09:30

Dear net4tec community,

Exploring new opportunities to keep growing within our community in times of covid-19 we invite you to join us to our new „60 minutes – GROW TO LEAD “ series.

We would like to create the space to exchange within the community, to network online as well as discussing current trends that we are all facing at the moment.

Women and men are welcome!

Coffee, Chat & Learn with Christine Walker

How to journey 4 “New Work”!


How to journey 4 “New Work”!

Traditional or modern – where is the journey going?? Traditional and yet “hip” – creative redefinition of traditional habits.

Stability / Security / Harmony or Independence & Freedom – How does our society tick? – How do you tick? ?Why do some find it harder or easier to move from traditional to modern?

Key Learnings & Take Aways

Be prepared for our journey to “New Work”!

About the speaker

Christine Walker is an expert on the subject of “efficiency in business and in all areas of life”. She lives the 30-hour week with her female management team and also introduces this to the executive floors of companies. She also advises companies on how they can develop more women into management and responsible positions.

Her company, which she built up on her own in just 10 years, is now the market leader in the field of top assistance and all aspects of efficiency in business. Her clients include well-known entrepreneurs, creative chaotic people and DAX board members. She began her steep career as an executive assistant – today she provides efficient, highly specialised top assistants and coaches top managers and their back offices. She also holds seminars and lectures on the topics of efficiency and entrepreneurship.

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Coffee, Chat & Learn with net4tec

These sessions are for YOU! If you feel we are missing out on a certain topic let us know via email: women@net4tec.com and we can add it!

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The 60 minutes – GROW TO LEAD series is the follow-up to our new #DiversityMatter series, where we exchange experiences and best practices about diversity, careers, technology, tools and pragmatic implementation in daily business life. Women and men are invited!