#23 Virtual Morning Session
It’s not what you say – it’s HOW you say it
22.10.2020 from 8:30. to 9:30. am

Dear net4tec community

Exploring new opportunities to keep growing within our community in times of covid-19 we invite you to join us to our new „Virtual Morning Session“ series.

We would like to create the space to exchange within the community, to network online as well as discussing current trends that we are all facing at the moment.

Women and men are welcome!

Our #23 morning session takes place on Thursday, October 22, 2020 –> from 8:30 to 9:30 am

Coffee, Chat & Learn with Tulia Lopes

How to communicate your thoughts with clarity and confidence

How many times we face situations where what we say is not received the way we had intended to? That is not only frustrating but can also lead to different levels of missunderstandings and problems depending on the context.

And, considering the global world we live in, when we are in a multicultural environment, we need to be extra attentive before expressing our ideas, to make sure our audience can follow our thoughts and feel comfortable to engage and interact with us, the presenters.

Every time we are speaking to someone or a group of people, we have the opportunity to position ourselves as experts by sharing our knowledge, but also, and very importantly, to create a positive impact in people’s lives with our message.

Done well, every talk and presentation can become agents of transformation by movingpeople into action.

In this talk, Tulia will share with you some fundamentals you have to be aware of in order to make sure your message is well-understood and welcome.

This is what we will discuss:• What is the biggest mistake most people make when presenting, which is one of the reasons for their message not getting across effectively• Why the audience (not you) is the hero in your story and why sharing stories is important• The three secrets to craft a message which will land well and stick in people’s mind

Key Take Aways

After this talk the participants will:

  • Understand why “one size fits all” doesn’t work when giving a presentation or talk
  • Become story-collectors
  • Be able to define what to add, and what to avoid, when preparing a presentation

About the Speaker

Tulia is a Communication Architect!

She believes communication is the key to develop and excel in any field in life. She helps professionals, especially women, to de-construct their ineffective communication style and build one which exudes confidence and is fully aligned with their authentic talents.In 2014 she founded the AWE Summit event to Give Voice to Women; and in 2017 she founded the Speak Up & Lead Academy – to help women to develop the communication skills needed to raise their profile, make them more promotable and position themselves as experts in their fields and become world-class speakers. Her fun event, the Stand Up & Speak Up Challenge (Munich & Zurich) bring on stage professionals from different backgrounds to challenge each other – and themselves – by getting a powerful message across in only 5 minutes.

Tulia is the author of Leading in High Heels, and an international speaker on topics of communication, leadership, diversity, and inclusion, and women’s impact. She is also an awardwinning speaker at European level at Toastmasters International, and at the WinTrade 2018 event in London for the continuous work in supporting women to find, own and unleash their voices.

Her motto, “I’m a creator. If I don’t find a door, I build one.”

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Coffee, Chat & Learn with net4tec

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The net4tec Morning Session is the follow-up to our new #DiversityMatter series, where we exchange experiences and best practices about diversity, careers, technology, tools and pragmatic implementation in daily business life. Women and men are invited!