#22 Virtual Morning Session
On the way to true female leadership
15.10.2020 from 8:30. to 9:30. am

Dear net4tec community

Successful executives and ambitious leaders use times of crisis to expand their skills and capabilities. net4tec inspires and supports you in advancing your career. We are proud to present the “VIRTUAL ENTRE NOUS”, a holistic learning program exclusively designed for true female leaders.


A tailor-made program with a holistic approach and individual support. Designed by net4tec, implemented with our ambassador experts for our community with competence (Head), experience (Hands) and passion (Heart).

Our ENTRE NOUS are developed in 5 learning levels:

    1. Virtual learning modules: all our “virtual entre nous” consist of 3 virtual deep dive sessions with a senior expert who drives the group for 3 hours each session
    2. Professional (comprehensive) workbook supplementing the virtual sessions
    3. Peer exchange among the participants
    4. Reflection homework supervised by the expert leading the program
    5. Individual feedback and coaching

#Coffee #Chat & #Learn _ during this morning session we would like

  • To introduce the program and the first Milestone starting in October 30th, together with Dr. Irene Kilubi: Branding your Career for Next Level Success
  • To answer all your questions and meet your expectations

Looking forward to see you on this morning session. The participants will be rewarded with a generous offer by joining our pilot program this year!

This event is exclusively designed for Women

An interactive exchange about women’s careers: inspire, expose, empower & promote.

Begonia Merayo, net4tec Co-Founder & MD, AND Julia Baumanns, net4tec Business Partner are the NET4TEC partner in crime. Together with the ambassadors they rock the community, shape the program and develop the different propositions creating real value for your career.

Joins us on Thursday, get to know the community & the steering team, and exploit this opportunity to express your wishes + needs about “how to get the career you deserve because of your ambitions and your competences!”

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Your net4tec TEAM

The net4tec Virtual Morning Sessions take place every Thursday from 8:30-9:30 am.

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Coffee, Chat & Learn with net4tec

These sessions are for YOU! If you feel we are missing out on a certain topic let us know via email: women@net4tec.com and we can add it!

net4tec is really looking forward to e-meeting you at the next virtual morning session!

The net4tec Morning Session is the follow-up to our new #DiversityMatter series, where we exchange experiences and best practices about diversity, careers, technology, tools and pragmatic implementation in daily business life. Women and men are invited!