#20 Virtual Morning Session
Ask me anything
01.10.2020 from 8:30. to 9:30. am

Dear net4tec community

with our Morning Sessions we would like to create the space to exchange within the community, to network online as well as discussing current trends that are relevant for your career and personal growth.

Women and men are welcome!

YES! Our #20 morning session takes place on Thursday, October 01, 2020 –> from 8:30 to 9:30 am

In this ASK ME ANYTHING virtual morning session we would like to exchange with you interactively about YOU and NET4TEC.

In this very special session we would like YOU to be the Keynote Speaker.

#Coffee #Chat & #Learn

Take the time to reflect what happened so far, to exchange about the experience done and to project what would be best for you and your career you could implement together with the net4tec community.

Some of the topics we would like to address during the session :

Status Quo

Reflection about the last six moths

YOU @ net4tec

Further development _net4tec

An interactive exchange about women’s careers, diversity and much more …

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Your net4tec TEAM

The net4tec Virtual Morning Sessions take place every Thursday from 8:30-9:30 am.

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Coffee, Chat & Learn with net4tec

These sessions are for YOU! If you feel we are missing out on a certain topic let us know via email: women@net4tec.com and we can add it!

net4tec is really looking forward to e-meeting you at the next virtual morning session!

The net4tec Morning Session is the follow-up to our new #DiversityMatter series, where we exchange experiences and best practices about diversity, careers, technology, tools and pragmatic implementation in daily business life. Women and men are invited!