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net4tec @ Women Power 2021

“Meet the net4tec Role Models: the new defined Leadership for the next normal”

net4tec EMPOWER

Breakout rooms: Friday 16 April 2021, 16:30 -17:00 CET

Room 1

Information Technology

Meeting ID: 756 7443 1750
Passwort: Rolemodel


Moderator: Dr. Kathrin Harteis, IT Consultant, Trainer, Coach Speaker, Role Model net4tec

Room 2


Meeting ID: 878 3300 8496
Passwort: Rolemodel


Moderator: Begonia Merayo, Managing Director Why Consult, Founding Partner net4tec

Room 3


Meeting ID: 935 3023 7742
Passwort: Rolemodel


Moderator: Dr. Lydia Simon, Project Director Bio-based materials Covestro Deutschland AG, Ambassador net4tec

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We connect female talents with executives + companies and support careers over different phases of life. Because more women at all management levels improves performance, fosters innovation and creates motivation!

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