Virtual Entre Nous

Holistic learning program for true female leaders

Building highly effective teams with Dagmara Asbreuk

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All type of leaders (incl aspiring leaders) who want to:

Building highly effective teams

with Dagmara Asbreuk

8 Weeks holistic learning program net4tec virtual entre nous

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Module 1

Set the Foundation


In the first module you will learn where to start. Building a successful , cohesive team starts with the clarity of the end goal and vision. Therefore we will look into that aspect first. Once having a clear destination I will share with you what is the best path to reach it and what is expected from you in this process.


In the second module we will unpack the aspect of trust and psychological safety as well as how you can build relationships with your members. This is a critical ingredient to become a highly effective and cohesive team, We will focus on understanding what concretely you need to do as a leader to create and nurture this space and why its such an important fundament for a success of all other aspects.

Each virtual learning module will be carried out via ZOOM and will take place from 19:30 – 21:15 CET.

Module 2

Trust & Relationships

Module 3

Collaboration & Engagement


The final module will be giving you insights on how do you steer the diverse team into one direction and commitment practically. We will also touch on mindful communication and culture to establish.

Each virtual learning module will be carried out via ZOOM and will take place from 19:30 – 21:15 CET.

Your Experts

net4tec Ambassador Dagmara Asbreuk

Teams are engines of the organization and it is a leader’s role to create an environment where teams and people thrive.

Dagmara Asbreuk is a driven, enthusiastic, inclusive leader and professional certified coach focused on bringing value, accelerating growth and results. She is passionate about developing highly performing and effective teams to bring value to business, leading change and developing leaders.

She brings 15+ years of experience in procurement and global automotive corporations, leading global, virtual, cross functional and disciplinary teams.

This program will enlarge your perspectives, build on your leadership skills & prepare you to be a more effective leader!

Begonia Merayo

Managing Director
Why Consult
Co-Founder net4tec

Julia Baumanns

Technical Delivery Manager
Business Partner net4tec