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Daniela Chávez Göschl

"“[She] did not know it was impossible so [she] did it” ? Mark Twain"

IT Project Manager for Machine Learning Applications in Manufacturing | Volkswagen Group

What means career for you?

Continuously creating and taking opportunities of personal growth

What inspires you?

The courage and positive energy of others

What was your biggest professional challenge and how have you solved it?

Turning an AI project into a profit generating and mature IT product is an important hurdle in every product’s lifecycle. My team and I are faced with it constantly and I am challenged to support overcoming it from a business perspective. An important ingredient is building strategic alliances with partners who either develop complementary software or provide support and maintenance during a product’s operation once matured. Achieving these often cross-functional collaborations is fundamental for success

What is the worst advice someone has ever said to you?

“Don’t try to convince them, it will not work” – btw. it did. I guess it was well intended, but I am so glad I did not listen

What importance have career networks for you in your professional career?

Networks allow to jointly look at opportunities and challenges from different perspectives. I always appreciate advice and take a lot of positive energy from it

What is the learning or advice you would like to share with other women?

Follow your dreams – you can do and achieve anything. Along the way, you may encounter people with a more traditional mindset who do not understand your courage but don’t be intimidated. Don’t let others stop you from following your journey. Look out for male and female mentors who can support you by reflecting upon your goals and who can advise you on how to achieve them

What are you passionate about?

Being active outdoors: hiking, cycling and connecting with colleagues and friends from whom I am eager to learn something new

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