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NET4TEC & Women Power Career Congress @ Hannover Messe June 2, 2022

Imagine an event designated to fostering future leadership and empowering women in
the workplace through knowledge transfer and networking. This year net4tec was
invited to take part in this progressive event that brings together 60+ leaders from
different industries and 40+ presentations and workshops designed to share
experiences, shape progress, and encourage action to make a change. Next to the
incredible input gathered in the different sessions and the variety of role models
introduced, the event had one main purpose: female empowerment & networking.

Women Power at the Hannover Messe with net4tec

At our net4tec booth we met a multitude of inspiring women who have shared their
views and ideas with us. While some of them already have established careers in their
chosen fields and can share their view on the difficulties they faced, and the change
that is already underway, there were also those that are still aspiring to become
leaders in their communities and have fresh ideas that inspire a new generation of
leadership, communication and, above all, collaboration.
net4tec pioneers: Julia Eberl Digital Transformation & leadership und Celine
Janson Project Manager at Microsoft
Interview with Vanessa Koller
Future of Leadership This is the motto of the 19th WomenPower Career Congress at

Interviewed by Vanessa Koller, Communication & PR Digitalisation + Industrie 4.0 @
VDMA and together with the net4tec pioneers; Begonia Merayo, CoFounder net4tec
and Julia Eberl, Global Program Manager @ Microsoft, we discussed about women’s
careers as a business strategy.
A career does not mean “CxO” or “head of”. A career can be disciplinary but also
professional. We must work on rolling out the red carpet for professional careers.

“Have a clear vision about your life and your professional ambition. This is the driver of
your pace, the motivator, and the inspiration to overcome any challenge on your way.
And remember, you are not alone on that journey. Choose a strong network, a solid
community of pears empowering and supporting you to reach your goals. With humor,
with passion, with results.

We have made valuable connections that will benefit our network, broaden our
community, and strengthen the movement of female empowerment, equality, and
support. All our conversations had one major theme: Community. It becomes
increasingly clear, that the challenges women are facing in the workplace are being
tackled from all angles, but what really matters is to combine these efforts and become
stronger as one. It has been truly amazing to connect with all these different
characters, from different industries and parts of the world, working toward one goal,
sharing their lessons learned and supporting each other’s initiatives through networking
and collaboration.

We are hoping to see the fruits of these new connections within our community in the
months to come and spark a new flame of change through women power.

Join us at net4tec HERE and rock the STEM world by lifting female careers with the
power of the community.
Some impressions about net4tec, our premium members pioneer and
cooperation partners

Prof Dr.Ing. Birgit Glasmacher @ Leibniz University Hanover, Prof. Dr.Ing. Burghilde
WienekeToutaoui, Chair of the Women in Engineering Network, Melanie Löhrhoff
HR Director ITW & Begonia Merayo, Managing Director Why Consult

Diana Meglin, Associate & Bettina Thomas, Assistant Manager Cyber Security
net4tec with the She Works team

Cécile Deprez, Researcher @ German Aerospace Center (DLR)

net4tec pioneers Celine Janson and Julia Eberl together with Dr. Katarzyna Wojcik
Technische Hochschule Brandenburg