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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

In times of Corona, we are all facing changes. We need to adapt to new conditions in the shortest possible time. #net4tec responded as well and we offered our first virtual #morningsession on 26th of March 2020.

Many people have been pushed out of their comfort zone and embarked on a journey accompanied by fear and uncertainty but allows for learning and growing.

During our first virtual #morningsession we discussed where we are on our individual journey through this critical situation and shared experiences as well as best practices.

  • Approach the situation with an #openmindset. It is possible to interact remotely and virtually. Take advantage of possibilities to get involved. Embrace it!
  • Discover the joy for technology and build new competencies to ease and improve work and #communication.
  • Do not take the situation as it is. Develop new rituals like regular personal check- in’s and check-out’s. Create new #morningrituals, add regular #workouts and exercises to your day.
  • The line between work and home gets blurry. Switching off in the evening is sometimes difficult. Keep your work rhythm. Simulate your commute to work with walks around the block. #Differentiate
  • Put on your business clothes in the morning and add some drops of cologne to spice up your day. #SimpleTricks
  • Walk or take #meditation breaks between endless virtual meetings to not lose focus.
  • Invite people for a virtual morning coffee or friends for a remote aperitif. #SocialBreaks
  • Spend more time with families and consider their individual needs. Limit Homeschooling – you are not a teacher. #QualityTime
  • Start taking notes and write down your experiences. #Journaling and diary come back into fashion to help you process and grow.
  • Reserve enough time to #recharge. Introverts and extroverts are affected differently. While working from home might be more convenient for introverts, extroverts should plan more face time with lots of friends to fill up their energy levels.

Key take aways

  • Take advantage of creativity, skills and competencies within the group to realize ideas
  • Use existing contacts and network
  • Simple means can have big effects
  • “The world is getting bigger”
  • We become more inclusive and promote diversity

Use your time for things you always wanted to do. You can take part in almost every event in the world now! Thanks for your positive spirit!


Christine Koch
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