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net4tec@PANDA Tech & Software
presented by Bosch
18.07.2020 in Stuttgart

PANDA Tech & Software presented by Bosch on 18th of July 2020 in Stuttgart
PANDA Tech & Software is a network event and leadership contest for women who are already experienced executives or strive for a leadership role. There will be 70 women from the digital, tech & software industry present. PANDA aims at women who are fond of challenges, grow with them and want to support each other. The PANDA Day offers women the opportunity to test their leadership skills in different team situations. The benefit is diverse: networking, exchange of experiences, valuable peer feedback as well as access to the PANDA network. The chance to be elected and awarded as well as direct contact to companies and jobs.

The event is aimed at women who are looking for an exchange of ideas, who want to develop their personal and professional skills and support each other. The PANDA Day offers them the opportunity to discuss current topics, exchange experiences, test soft skills and leadership qualities. The personal benefit is various: Networking as well as direct contact to experienced role models and exciting companies, and access to the PANDA network with over 1,700 women leaders from all kind of industries. Apply until 01 March 2020 and use the word “net4tec” to skip the first application round. Info & Application: https://we-are-panda.com/contests-labs/panda-tech-software-presented-by-bosch/

What awaits the participants?

A competition among like-minded people – constructive, challenging, with a lot of humour and new impulses for everyday job life. Participants work in teams on challenging and original tasks and choose a winner from among their peers during the course of the day. Exchange, networking and mutual feedback are the main topics.

When and where?

  • Saturday, July 18th, from 9am until 7pm + Meetup
  • Bosch, Heidehofstraße 31, 70184 Stuttgart

Who can apply?

PANDA Tech & Software is aimed at women from the tech and IT industry who are already hold a leadership role or are interested in leadership or are technical experts.

If you have a technical background or have grown into the tech environment, if AI, IoT, Hybrid-Cloud, Enterprise IT and embedded SW are not hieroglyphics for you, if you are driving technical innovations, burning for them and looking for exchange with other tech women, then PANDA Tech & Software is just the right thing for you!

No matter what makes you a “Tech & Software woman” – If you have at least 2 years (open to the top) work experience, you can apply!

Apply and use the word “net4tec” to skip the first application round. Info & Application

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